Warranty Info

Our Promise:

    Who wants to buy a product only to find that defects & bad craftsmanship were overlooked, or that the design is so poor the functionality suffers.  Simple answer, nobody.  We trust our products not only with our own safety, but that of our family members as well.  Our promise to you is that the products we sell are made of high quality components, that wont fail or detract from your experience.  We also ensure our products are free from defects in their manufacture, coatings, and design.  

The OG Guarantee:

    We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects on all OG made products.  This warranty does not cover normal wear & tear, damage during use, parts damaged in accidents, improper installation, unapproved customer modifications, and claims outside of the 365 day period.

   The bottom line is we stand behind our products and our customers.  We will always do whatever we can to help with any issues you may have or any questions & concerns.