Two pictures of the onlygenerals sideskinlite upper doors in full trim for the polaris general

OG Sideskins LITE

Get ready for OG's 2-door SideskinLITEs to be available for purchase. An high quality true hard upper door system ready to keep you in and the elements out!

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TheBYOW Frame Kit

Our most popular setup! A drop-in bolt-in kit so you can rock a rear sliding window on your Polaris General. Slide open the center to create new air flow dynamics, grab drinks from the cooler, or flat out be cool. The BYOW sliding window kit is super popular, get yours while they last!

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The OnlyGenerals roof filler panel kit main banner showing the full kit.

Stop the AIR!

Tired of the insatiable whistle & air blowing through your roof? OG has you covered, literally! Click below to find out more.

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Precision Laser cut American STEEL

Tough as nails and will provide robust strength when ripping over the toughest trails. Our parts start out as flat sheets of hot rolled American steel. Cutting is performed on an industry leading piece of high tech machinery. CNC Lasers are fast, efficient, and extremely precise, which results in the best possible parts produced.

CNC Metal Forming

Technology at its best. 3D CNC forming & bending guarantees proper angles and tight tolerances. Our custom steel parts & brackets have accurate profiles with superior fitment. You can trust our parts will always fit as intended.

Powder Coat Finish

We choose to use powder coating over paint on our parts for several reasons. Powder coat is a safe, solvent free surface coating that offers corrosion resistance, rugged durability, and visual appeal. Powder coating offers a finish that will hold up to the test of time and maintain the integrity level you deserve.

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