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OG Polaris General Roof Filler Panel

OG Polaris General Roof Filler Panel

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 NOTICE! We are accepting reservation orders for the current batch in production. Order today to reserve a roof filler for your machine! 

OG Roof Filler Panel? Tell me more!

A high-pitched whistle in the cab of the Polaris General can be highly frustrating while driving. Combined with wind, dust, and water infiltration at the roofline, it can turn an otherwise pleasant experience into a frustrating one. These issues can occur when the Polaris OEM roof warps upwards, compromising the seal even on new machines.


How does it work?

It appears that warping plastic is a common issue with our beloved General. If your roof's edge is not warped, it will likely become warped over time. The team at OnlyGenerals created a resolution drawing inspiration from shared DIY fixes, introducing the OG Roof Filler Panel. Mount the OG Roof Filler Panel directly to the five screw posts on the front of 2018+ General OEM roofs. This will pull the roof back into position and keep it there. The OG Roof Filler Panel can be added as a preventive measure to help maintain the integrity of our Generals.  (Compatibility: 2018+ OEM roofs must have five mounting posts along the front lip for proper fitment. Will not work without OEM mounting posts.)

We have a choice!

No more dealing with a roof that's all warped up and lifting! OnlyGenerals now offers a heavy-duty and highly effective STEEL roof filler panel that can be bolted into place without any modifications. Using a flat steel plate makes it easy to align holes with roof posts and offers space to add washer nozzles and LED lights for a personalized look.

What’s it made from?

The OG Roof Filler Panel is fabricated from 12-gauge steel, made in the USA, and features a commercial-grade powder coat finish. The panel is laser-cut for precision, ensuring the best possible fit. Using steel provides the best protection against warping, ensuring a long lifespan. The OG Roof Filler Panel also features the same tough ripple texture finish as the OG Full-Length Storage Tray for a sleek aesthetic.


  • CNC laser cut.
  • High-quality, perfect fitment.
  • Prevents whistling, dust, wind, and water intrusion by maintaining the OEM roof seal.
  • Maximum corrosion resistance due to using superior materials, coatings, and hardware.
  • 12 Ga. steel plate.
  • Chrome-plated captive washer fasteners.
  • Creates a convenient mounting location for windshield washer nozzles and small lighting accessories.
  • Step-by-step color photo instructions.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • OnlyGenerals UV-coated vinyl decal.
  • Designed and made in the USA.
  • Top-tier customer service with the OG Team.

Why do I need this?

What the OG Roof Filler Panel comes down to is addressing a need caused by poor quality control. It’s a proper solution to a problem that never should have existed. Fixing something as small as a whistle or water intrusion can significantly improve your riding experience and enhance your adventure. The team at OnlyGenerals is dedicated to creating American made products of the highest quality at reasonable prices so you can ride confidently.

The OG Guarantee:

We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects on the OG Roof Filler Panel. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, improper installation, or unapproved customer modifications. Any claims made outside the 365-day warranty period will not be covered. That being said, we are committed to standing behind our products and customers. We'll always do our utmost to assist with any issues or concerns you may have.

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You need this



STOP the whistle, wind, dust, & moisture intrusion by fixing the warp! You might not even have realized you needed this!


Once the OG roof filler is installed to the five screw posts, it will lock the roof lip into position and not let it move or warp any further.


We love both versions and they both have their own merits. The poly filler will never rust and has UV protection. The steel panel is exceptionally strong & resilient to flexing.


Lets face it, OG products are cool, high quality, American made, and super effective at their intended purpose. Be the envy with OG products and what they stand for.