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Polaris General ELIMINATOR Grill Cover

Polaris General ELIMINATOR Grill Cover

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Cold weather can be a pain when trying to enjoy your General, and keeping the heating system working effectively can be just as tough.  

A tried and true method used by cold weather travelers to reduce cold air flow and maximize heat retention in the cooling system has been to restrict air flow with a grill cover.  The team at OG has witnessed a number of clever & funny ways to achieve this such as with cardboard, plastic sheeting, plywood, pet food bags, and a multitude of products that require the use of zip ties & other throw away fasteners.  Staying warm means blocking the cold air out!

3D Creative Concepts ELIMINATOR grill cover does just that!  Putting the technology of today into action 3DCC has created a lightweight, high strength, folding grill cover that easily snaps into place for a tooless installation.  Made of ABS and PETG thermoplastics the ELIMINATOR will take the abuse on trail, in extreme weather, and last for years of trouble free use.

Why do I need this:

Riding when its cold out?  Heater not keeping up?  It might not be your heating system after all!  When temps get frigid and the cab gets cold, you rely on your heater.  All that freezing air flowing through the radiator can rob precious heat right out of the system!  Eliminate the problem with 3DCC's ELIMINATOR! "Keep the heat in and the cold out!"  

How does it work?

The small form factor folding action means you can always have your cover readily available.  Unfold the unit & set into the Polaris General grill recess with the T-locks in the horizontal position.  Turn the indexing thumb knobs into the vertical position which sets the T-locks to secure the ELIMINATOR to your grill.  When the thumb knobs are in full vertical position you can rest assured the cover is fully locked into place.  

This clever system works by manually restricting air flow over the factory radiator in your Polaris General.  This allows the heating system more time to recover to the full thermostatic regulated temperature thus allowing full heat into the cab on the coldest of days!


  • Heavy Duty main body with integrated hinge
  • Small form factor folding action for easy storage
  • PETG Thermoplastic indexing thumb knobs with ABS T-locks
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware
  • 1/4 turn locking action into the OEM Polaris General grill
  • No need for zip ties or other consumable fasteners
  • Fits all models of the Polaris General (selectable for front camera provision)
  • Designed & MADE in the USA by 3D Creative Concepts
  • Full color step by step installation instructions
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects
  • Supported by top level customer service from OnlyGenerals
  • OnlyGenerals peel & stick decal
  • FREE Shipping in the Continental US

 Our passion for sharing what we love and care about with other enthusiasts of the offroad UTV community is what drives us at OG.  The ELIMINATOR grill cover system by 3DCreative Concepts is a product we saw potential in & love the idea so much we want to share it with all Polaris General owners.  With a tooless installation and perfect fit, anyone is capable of installing this grill cover on their General.

The OG Guarantee:

We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects on the ELIMINATOR grill cover system.  This warranty does not cover normal wear & tear, damage during use, products damaged in accidents, improper installation, unapproved customer modifications, and claims outside of the 365 day period.

The bottom line is we stand behind our products and our customers.  We will always do whatever we can to help with any issues you may have or any questions & concerns.

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