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OG Front Triangle Filler & Mirror Mounting System

OG Front Triangle Filler & Mirror Mounting System

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The best front Triangles? YES!

The team at OnlyGenerals has done it again!

Introducing the OG Front Triangle Filler and Mirror Mounting System. A combination of an aesthetically pleasing front triangle filler with a functional, rigid mounting system for side mirrors. Whether you use the Polaris soft upper doors and want a better front triangle cover or are unhappy with the visual appearance and operation of existing mirror mounts, the OG Front Triangle Filler and Mirror Mounting System is for you.

On the Polaris General platform, the small, triangular space in front of the uppers is a point of contention for most, leaving a solution on par with an afterthought.  We needed a solution for the small space when developing our OG Sideskins LITE upper doors. A wild idea was suggested, "Is it possible to integrate a mirror mounting system?". Our team is all about form and function working hand-in-hand to solve a problem, so we designed that. During development, the team ensured that the OG Front Triangle Filler and Mirror Mounting System is compatible with the most popular mirrors, upper doors, and front windshields.


What's the problem? 

The OEM soft upper door system includes a plastic front triangle unit that fills the space. However, its two-piece clamshell design is often bulky and may not always attach properly. This setup can leave much to be desired and typically looks out of place. It's worth noting that several mounting options are available for using side mirrors. Some of these setups attach to the bolts on the front roll cage of the vehicle, while others clamp onto the roll cage bars. Although these mounting solutions generally work well, they may require some bending to be correctly positioned and can sometimes cause visual vibrations through the mirror.



  • Made of UV-resistant thermoplastic polyester material for an OEM look.
  • Main mounts snap on and off the roll cage securely.
  • Integrated fin creates a sealing channel for upper doors.
  • 1" indexed and contoured mirror spacers.
  • Stainless Steel and corrosion-resistant hardware.
  • M10 automotive grade 12.9 hardened mirror bolts.
  • Provides solid mirror mounting with lessened NVH transfer.
  • Works great with Polaris soft upper doors.
  • Works with center bolt mirrors using M10 connecting bolts.
  • Step-by-step color photo instructions to make installation easy.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • OnlyGenerals UV-coated vinyl decal.
  • FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA.
  • Designed and made in the USA.
  • Top-tier customer service with the OG Team.



Our team is committed to creating systems compatible with all our products, and the OG Front Triangle Filler and Mirror Mounting System is no exception. While we have made every effort to ensure compatibility, there may be cases where it does not work flawlessly with other products. The following items are the primary components compatible with our front triangle fillers. The OG Front Triangle Filler and Mirror Mounting System is designed to work seamlessly with front windshields that lack mounting connections inside the front lower roll cage area. While our system is intended to replace OEM Polaris clamshell triangle parts, it may also work with other upper door setups.

  • Polaris soft canvas upper doors for 2 and 4 door Generals.
  • Polaris Lock N ride front windshield new style.
  • Polaris Tip-Out front windshield. (requires OG Extended Stud kit #OGXT-10M8-SS)
  • SXS USA vented front windshield.
  • Seizmik Pursuit mirrors.
  • Most center bolt mirrors using a M10 connection bolt.
  • SuperATV Tip-Out windshield.


Why do I need these?

If you want front triangles that fit your Polaris General soft upper doors, have a stylish appearance, and integrated mirror mount, you need the OG Front Triangle Filler and Mirror Mounting System.


The OG Guarantee:

We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects on the OG Front Triangle Filler and Mirror Mounting System. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, improper installation, or unapproved customer modifications. Any claims made outside the 365-day warranty period will not be covered. That being said, we are committed to standing behind our products and customers. We'll always do our utmost to assist with any issues or concerns you may have.

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