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OG Sideskins Premium Hard Upper Doors for the Polaris General

OG Sideskins Premium Hard Upper Doors for the Polaris General

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Details are coming in 2024 on a presale event for our early supporters who want to help the project move along faster.  If you're interested in being an Early Supporter, don't hesitate to contact us. 

OG Sideskins Premium is a rigid upper door system comprised of a metal frame and metal skin to create a 3d structure that attaches to the factory Polaris General lower door.

The OG Sideskins Premium upper door system relies on brackets that will get installed into the lower door. A lower frame unit will attach through the door sill and remain in place even when the upper door is removed. The upper door can be slid into position with the lower frame in place.

The next portion is still in design and decision. We are working on OG's SecureLOK system, which will allow you to lock the upper door in place and provide a rigid mount to the lower door, creating, in effect, a complete full door!! We are researching the best options for making this.

The benefit to having two modes of operation is that you have an easy quick on/off of the OG Sideskins Premium if you want to run with open tops. While also being able to lock them down tight during the cold/wet season, trailer ride, or rough trail.

We are working on the opening glass features for the manufactured glass panels.

We will coat the premiums with a durable powder coat that will withstand the abuse of branches and inclement weather over the years.

The OG Sideskins Premium have been delayed as some features and options do not currently exist on the market.  We can release more details closer to aligning with some key suppliers and manufacturers.

We hope this information will answer some of the daily questions and help explain the ideas we have worked through during this creation process.

The team at OnlyGenerals is beyond excited to bring a new product like the OG Sideskins Premium to market. We believe it will be a GAME CHANGER.

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