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OG Sideskins LITE Hard Upper Doors for the Polaris General 2 Seat Models

OG Sideskins LITE Hard Upper Doors for the Polaris General 2 Seat Models

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NOTICE! We are NOW taking reservation orders on a limited basis for our 4th production run, while we finish up backlogged orders. Thank You! 

Finally, a rigid upper door system that is accessible to the masses! OnlyGenerals offers a hard upper door kit built to the highest quality standards and is affordable for almost every Polaris General owner.

Look at our new upper door auto attachment device that keeps the top of the OG Sideskins LITE snug to General!

OG Sideskins LITE is a simplified, lightweight, and cost-effective version of our high-end Sideskins Premium upper doors.

What began as a means to meet the rapidly approaching deadline for the Sideskins Premium. Creating an alternative low-cost upper door to replace the ill-fitting, cheaply made, and hassle-prone wireframed canvas soft uppers was born as OG Sideskins LITE

Originally based on a version of Dallas Boggs' framed Lexan upper doors, the layout underwent significant improvements. The original designs comprised a thin steel frame, a full-face polycarbonate window, and almost no features.

The OG team conducted multiple brainstorming sessions and developed a comprehensive design layout and cost analysis. Suddenly, an epiphany struck... For a slightly higher cost, we can create a crazy good design using innovative construction techniques, resulting in a product we can be proud of.

OG Sideskins LITE feature a robust 3D profile frame system, polycarbonate windows in clear or tinted, and a built-in lower accessory panel that has spawned a new line of accessories with innovative features. We offer the OG Sideskins LITE as a rigid upper door system featuring a non-opening polycarbonate window. However, we are currently working on upgrades to include window opening and venting features.

The breakthrough is a remarkable new mechanism for automatically fastening the upper doors at the top to secure them to the roll cage firmly. This breakthrough eliminates the need for unsightly straps, snaps, tape, hook and loop fasteners, or bungees. It will be available soon as a standalone unit.



  • Precision laser cut 3d rigid steel frames.
  • CNC-cut polycarbonate window panels are available in clear or tinted. (50% light transmission)
  • Custom laser cut 304 stainless steel mounting brackets.
  • Stainless steel and corrosion-resistant hardware.
  • USA-made EPDM weather seals and PVC edge trim.
  • Non-invasive installation with quick release on/off.
  • No cutting or drilling is required.
  • Front triangle filler piece with mirror mounting options.
  • Adjustable auto attachment device for door top.
  • Long-lasting powder coat finish.
  • Built-in lower accessory panel.
  • Ability to replace broken or damaged window panels
  • Step-by-step color photo instructions to make installation easy.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • OnlyGenerals UV-coated vinyl decal.
  • Designed and made in the USA.
  • Top-tier customer service with the OG Team.


After countless hours of researching, inspecting, and even purchasing various soft upper door options, our family never installed any of them. All of the products appear to have fitment issues across the board. Cost, quality, fit, finish, price, and the decisions that come with drilling into your door panels, causing permanent changes to your ride, motivate us to build better.

After getting through one winter season with no upper doors, we decided that enough was enough. OnlyGenerals will create a top-of-the-line HARD upper door system that fits great, looks great, and fills market gaps at an affordable price. We will revolutionize the riding experience by offering a premium upper door that General owners can take pride in owning and showing off!

The OG Sideskins product lineup was created, and we soon realized the need for a tiered product catalog to serve everyone's needs. Sideskins LITE is the starting point for this product lineup. Our team is working on creating a wide range of bolt-on add-on features and accessories that will enable you to customize your upper door setup.

Accessories such as the OG DuoVent, inner door console pocket, and customizable mount base will be available soon.

The most significant drawbacks of the wireframe soft canvas upper doors currently available are:

  • Poor fit and finish.
  • Poor sealing capabilities.
  • Low-quality vinyl windows distort vision, suffer damage in cold environments, and are difficult to replace.
  • Invasive installations requiring drilling and cutting of factory doors can result in errors.
  • Zip-in, zip-out ingress, and egress can be inconvenient when you need to move quickly.
  • Durability when dealing with a fabric component.

The team at OG knows what we like and don't like in the products we want to use on our rides. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards, ensuring that our designs are of the best quality in fit, finish, and real-world operation. However, due to variations in build quality on the Polaris General platform, adjusting and fine-tuning the OG Sideskins LITE upper doors may be necessary for proper alignment.

The OG Guarantee:

We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects on the OG Sideskins LITE. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, improper installation, or unapproved customer modifications. Any claims made outside the 365-day warranty period will not be covered. That being said, we are committed to standing behind our products and customers. We'll always do our utmost to assist with any issues or concerns you may have.

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