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OG Rubberized Tip-Out Windshield Dash Mount for Polaris General

OG Rubberized Tip-Out Windshield Dash Mount for Polaris General

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Broken Polaris OEM dash plate?

The Polaris General platform offers a range of exceptional OEM accessories, including the Polaris Tip-Out front windshield system. The ability to fully open, close, or vent the front windshield is marvelous. The cooling flow generated by direct air intake at the front of the machine is unmatched in hot environments.

However, there is a problem with the mounted dash plate that secures the t-handle. During everyday use, the thin plastic locking clips can wear down and break, making it impossible to secure the windshield. This creates a significant inconvenience while on a trip or driving around your property. Losing the ability to close and lock your front windshield during inclement weather or freezing temperatures can be extremely dangerous. Also, when you're far from civilization, losing confidence in your machine's capability can be a scary thought.

Que in the OnlyGenerals TPU rubberized tip-out dash mount! 

What is it?

The OG TPU tip-out dash plate is a strong thermoplastic polyurethane mount with beautifully molded uprights that securely hold the Polaris T-handle in place.  Being the same footprint as the OEM plastic mount, it utilizes the factory hardware and under-dash backing plate which is already in place.  TPU is a stiff rubber-like material that can withstand a vast temperature range while out-performing many other materials. 


Do I need it? (Of Course)

If you have the Polaris Tip-Out front windshield system installed on your General, it is only a matter of time before the dash plate clips snap off or get worn from use.  A hard impact or strike can cause the plastic clips to break free from the base rendering you unable to secure your windshield closed. This problem is compounded when riding in extreme temperatures, as the cold weather will cause the OEM plastic to become more brittle. Our team feels this new TPU base is an essential component for the Polaris Tip-Out windshield system, especially when paired with our 3rd row tip-out insert kit!



  • Lightweight strong TPU rubber-like material.
  • High wear resistance for a long life.
  • Molded uprights flow elegantly into the base.
  • Black textured finish matches the OEM interior.
  • Oversized washers provide a secure hold with OEM bolts.
  • Wide temperature range insures a strong hold in any environment.
  • One piece construction for maximum strength.
  • Pairs perfectly with the OG Tip-Out 3rd Row Inserts.
  • Fits all Generals with the existing Polaris Tip-Out windshield.
  • Utilizes factory hardware already in place.
  • Step-by-step color photo instructions to make installation easy.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • OnlyGenerals UV-coated vinyl decal.
  • FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA.
  • Designed and made in the USA.


The OG Guarantee:

We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects on the OG TPU tip-out dash plate. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, improper installation, or unapproved customer modifications. OnlyGenerals shall not be held responsible or liable for any glass breakage while the Locking Dash Mount is installed. Any claims made outside the 365-day warranty period will not be covered. That being said, we are committed to standing behind our products and customers. We'll always do our utmost to assist with any issues or concerns you may have.

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Why you need this



OG's TPU tip-out dash mount is considerably stronger than the OEM plastic base plate. This instills a confidence that you no longer have to worry about that component.


Using high quality materials like thermoplastic polyurethane, you can rely on this dash mount standing up to the elements and the test of time.


Utilizing the flexibility of the rubber-like TPU material, the uprights are designed to retain a firm hold across the roughest terrain.


Lets face it, some aftermarket parts just look good and this OnlyGenerals dash mount is no exception! You'll be the envy of anyone with a factory tip-out front windshield!